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Biozyme came to offer their services to the research and analysis of flour (and the creation of tailor made cocktail improvers) with reliable equipment Chopin & Brabender and with calibrated results in our privately – owned laboratory.Biozyme was formed in 2010 to and it is based in Moschato, Athens. Although we are a relatively new company, our experience within the research and analysis of flour spans over 35 years. We are very confident in the ability of our staff to meet any requirements you may have.In Biozyme we have appropriate laboratory facilities and we offer our services to create custom-made products and the analysis of the properties of flour.In Biozyme consistent customer satisfaction is something we strive for. We aim to respond to any queries with the upmost honesty and respect. You're thoughts and input with regards to our products and services are always very much welcome and appreciated. For any questions, suggestions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us!





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